DIY auto paint

More and more car owners are engaging in do-it-yourself (DIY) techniques when it comes to painting their automobiles. One of the main considerations when a car owner plans to make a DIY auto paint is the type of paint to use. The car owner can choose from acrylic lacquer, acrylic enamel, acrylic urethane and water-based paints. However, the recommended DIY paint is the acrylic lacquer paint.

Compared to other acrylic paints, acrylic lacquer auto paint is easy to apply and its preparation process is not that complicated for the inexperienced car owner. There a lot of factors to consider when using an acrylic lacquer auto paint such as its drying time, base coat and other finishing options. In comparison with other acrylic paints, acrylic lacquer auto paint is lighter and easy to spray. The drying process is slow, approximately at least forty eight hours. If the car owner wants to apply a second coat, he has to wait for forty eight before applying the same.

Acrylic lacquer auto paint is also used as a primer, colour coat, clear top coat and clear coat finishes. Most car owners prefer acrylic lacquer paints because of its nice gloss finish effect. Even if it is more expensive compared to acrylic enamel, more car owners still use it because it is easy to apply. However the cons in using acrylic lacquer paint is that it easily chips off because of its lighter qualities. It does not have long lasting qualities.

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